Black & White Printing

“It has been said that every child has the art instinct in him, and there is a great amount of truth in this, for if we visit any School where Drawing has been fostered, we will be greatly surprised at the results obtained even by the very young.  Every parent ought to encourage the children in Drawing. Besides giving pleasure and entertainment, it will also prove very instructive. It trains the eye to observe things correctly, and teaches the hand to give proper expression to the objects seen. No matter what career the child may follow in after-life, Drawing will not be a hindrance but the best of helps toward promotion.” – The Unrivalled Atlas by W & A.K Johnston Ltd.

My parents always encouraged me in art and all that includes.  So I absolutely see the sense in the quote above.  I now really enjoy encouraging my own son the same way.

I was a teenager when my dad bought me my first film slr camera. A Pentax MZ-M. We lived half an hour from Glasgow, so they enrolled me in a Black and White Printing course at the Glasgow School of Art, where my dad attended when he was younger.

Anyone who shoots film can probably tell you when they fell in love with it.  Not everyone develops and prints themselves but if you’ve ever even had a taster, that feeling of watching your image appear will never leave you.

I haven’t been shooting film consistently since I started, but the love is always there and I hope to be more regular now. I will be forever grateful to my parents for their encouragement in “drawing” from an early age.

These are some of my first film shots and first ever darkroom prints, I like to think I’ve progressed since then!




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