Accidental Double Exposures

I do love a happy accident.  it’s one of (many) the best things about shooting film.

I took a break from my film photography after having my son nearly 3 years ago, and took it up again recently when I felt I was really missing something.  I had a few films sitting waiting to be developed and some waiting to be exposed so off I went with my unused films to get back at it!  Happy does not cover how I felt being back behind my Minolta.  Anyway, when I finally got my scans back from up to 3 years ago stuff and more recent, I was pleasantly surprised to find I had accidentally re-used one of my films! Initially I was disappointed but when I looked at them all I changed my mind. So, the first exposures were taken in Fowey in Cornwall, 2015 and the second at Culloden in Scotland, 2016 on my Minolta SRT 101 (both times) and Kodak Portra 160 film.

Trying out double exposures is something I have actually been planning on doing soon so it was a nice surprise to find I had already done it!

These are 4 of my favourites, you can find the rest in my main gallery under cornwall + culloden /double exposure.


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